Ready my story

Marijan Pintar, an artist and an educator, once said that “Snježana’s approach to forming a human figure, in such a supple material as clay, reflects her joy in creating a unique world.” Focal theme of Snježana’s world is a WOMAN, in all her beauty, delicacy, but mostly in her strength.

With a soft woman’s hand, yet strong enough to mold the material which “listens” to the movement of her fingers, her ideas are embodied in a form of a sculpture. Very precise in form shaping, and striving for perfection, her women come to life, starting from the Defiant Woman (her first sculpture from 1994), Blessed Virgin Mary, The Reader, Pondering, then continuing to Lepoglava Lace Maker, Prayer, and up to the exquisite sculpture which I would call Meditation, or perhaps Downcast – I will let the artist decide.

Movements of sculptures seem natural; there is fluidity to their lines, especially when looking at the dresses; calm and even faces, shoulders, hands… All sculptures are a reflection of the artist’s character – she herself is subtle and gentle, but also strong; she fights, yet plays with the clay; the work is assiduous, but brings the joy of creation.

The artist, Snježana Varović, nurtures a special relationship with clay, ever since her early childhood. This was, undoubtedly, influenced by the long tradition of working with clay in her hometown, Jerovec. It seems almost as clay can feel this love; it offers and gives itself, enjoying the softness of the artist’s hands. Along with the main topic of Snježana’s work, the WOMAN, a new one started to develop – ornaments and jewelry which belong to the woman, and are an integral part of her world. Necklaces, broaches and bracelets made from wire and glass components, are made very precisely, almost filigree like.

So, WOMAN, jewelry and everything related to Lepoglava and the Paulists is captured by the artist. The artist presented her work at the exhibition in Ludbreg (together with the artist and an educator Marijan Pintar), Ivanec and Lepoglava. She regularly participates in various workshops, and on Lepoglava Lace Festival.

Her greatest success to date was achieved in 2010, when Lepoglava Lace Maker, a sculpture made in terracotta, brought her a “Green flower” award with an original souvenir gold mark; a recognition given by the Varaždin county Tourist Board.

Prof. Olja Gregur