A great beggining to know me


Snježana Varović, née Brezovec, was born in 1976 in Varaždin, and spent her childhood years in Jerovec. She completed her primary and high school education in a nearby town of Ivanec. Today, together with her family, Snježana lives in Lepoglava, where she works in town municipality office.

From very early on in her life she has been making sculptures out of clay, material which she fell in love with on first touch. For past several years, drawing inspiration from the beauty of Lepoglava lace, she has also been making unique jewelry.

Towards her late adolescent years and onwards, Snježana’s work and talent started gaining wider acclaim, with her sculptures being exhibited throughout Varaždin County, and on the International Lace Festival on several big projects, which she hopes to, one day, exhibit in her own gallery.

As years pass, Snježana’s world of sculptures grows stronger and more refined, her skills more steady and confident, but her gentleness and love towards the supple clay unchanging and everlasting…just the way it should be.

--Prof. Olja Gregur quotes


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